The Cookstoves Lab maintains a development and testing laboratory at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in Berkeley, California, close to the UC Berkeley campus. At that location many different approaches are tried for making sure we are developing the very best, most fuel-efficient cookstoves. We then take those stoves out to the field where they are further tested before use.

Efficiency tests allow researchers to understand how much firewood the stoves can save under ideal lab conditions. We are also utilizing devices called Stove User Monitors and plan to mount these small, self-contained pieces of equipment on cookstoves to monitor and log stove temperature over several months of use. Theses devices, and others like them, are linked to researchers so they can monitor the use and learn from the data in real time.

Information collected is used to analyze the frequency of stove use, the burn time for each use and the rate at which cooks are feeding firewood into the stoves. Data also helps quantify the actual reduction of greenhouse gases resulting from the use of improved cookstoves.”