Optimization of Secondary Air Injection in a Wood-Burning Cookstove: An Experimental Study

Caubel, J.J., Rapp, V.H., Chen, S.S., Gadgil, A.J.

Environmental Science and Technology, 52 (7), pp 4449–4456, 2018

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Lessons learned from a comparison study of charcoal stoves for Haiti

Lask, K., Booker, K., and Gadgil, A.

Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, 22, pp 188-193, 2017

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Performance and Emissions Characteristics of a Lighting Cone for Charcoal Stoves

Lask, K., Gadgil, A.J.

Energy for Sustainable Development, 36, pp 64-67, 2017

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Clean Cookstoves Need Better Performance Guidelines

Wilson, D.L.

Environmental Science and Technology, 50, pp 9805−9806, 2016

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Measuring and Increasing Adoption Rates of Cookstoves in a Humanitarian Crisis

Wilson, D.L., Coyle, J., Kirk, A., Rosa, J., Abbas, O., Adam,M.I., Gadgil, A.J.

Environmental Science and Technology, 50 (15), pp 8393–8399, 2016

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Reducing Ultrafine Particle Emissions Using Air Injection in Wood-burning Cookstoves

Rapp, V.H.; Caubel, J.J., Wilson, D.W., Gadgil, A.J.

Environmental Science and Technology, 50 (15):8368–8374, 2016

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Avoided emissions of a fuel-efficient biomass cookstove dwarf embodied emissions

Wilson, D. L., Talancon, D. R., Winslow, R. L., Linares, X. & Gadgil, A. J.

Development Engineering, 1, pp 45–52, 2016

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Soot Reduction in Cookstoves due to Turbulent Mixing

Lask, K.M., Medwell, P.R., Birzer, C.H., Gadgil, A.J.

Proceedings of the Australian Combustion Symposium, Melbourne, Paper 3A04, 2015

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Performance Comparison of Charcoal Cookstoves for Haiti: Laboratory Testing with Water Boiling and Controlled Cooking Tests

Lask, K., Booker, K., Han, T., Granderson, J., Yang, N., Ceballos, C., Gadgil, A.

Energy for Sustainable Development, 26, pp 79-86, 2015

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Comparing Cookstove Usage Measured with Sensors Versus Cell Phone-Based Surveys in Darfur, Sudan

Wilson D.L., Adam, M.I., Abbas, O., Coyle, J., Kirk, A., Rosa, J., Gadgil, A.J.

In: Hostettler S., Hazboun E., Bolay JC. (eds) Technologies for Development. Springer, Cham, 2015

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