Reducing Ultrafine Particle Emissions Using Air Injection in Wood-burning Cookstoves

Rapp, V.H.; Caubel, J.J., Wilson, D.W., Gadgil, A.J.

Environmental Science and Technology, 50 (15):8368–8374, 2016.

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Quanitification of Black Carbon

Thomas Kirchstetter, Chelsea Preble, Odelle Hadley and Ashok Gadgil

Environmental Energy Technologies Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Berkeley, CA 94720

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Performance of Charcoal Cookstoves Part Two

Kathleen Lask, Jennifer Jones, Kayje Booker, Cristina Ceballos, Nina Yang, Ashok Gadgil 

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Performance of Charcoal Cookstoves Part One

Kayje Booker, Tae Won Han, Jessica Granderson, Jennifer Jones, Kathleen Lask, Nina Yang, Ashok Gadgil

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Development and Testing of Berkeley Darfur Stove

Susan Amrose, G. Theodore Kisc2, Charles Kirubi, Jesse Woo and Ashok Gadgil

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Soot Reduction in Cookstoves

K.M. Lask, P.R. Medwell, C.H. Birzer, A.J. Gadgil

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Avoided Emissions of a Fuel Efficient Biomass Cookstove Development Engineering

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Clean Cookstoves Environmental Science and Technology

Daniel L. Wilson

ACS Publications

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